IBM: The Watson Avatar

How we built, designed, implemented, and promoted the Watson avatar.

Drawing Machines

My RISD BFA thesis project that looked into the ways technology can influence the act of artmaking.

HP: Make it Matter Campaign

Giving aesthetic focus to a cluttered and disjointed brand.

HP: The Language of Touch

TV and print supporting a new range of touchscreen computers.

The Science Behind an Answer

A graphic explanation of the technology behind Watson's understanding of natural language.

The End of the Road

A survey of the places where the Google Streetview car stopped taking pictures.

IBM: Smarter Planet

The out of home advertising that supported IBM's Smarter Planet campaign.

IBM: Expert Series

We asked IBM experts how they imagine the future of security, products, and traceability.

IBM: Cloud Computing

Visualizing something that you cannot see.

HP: Ultrabooks

TV and print supporting HP's new line of ultra thin notebooks.

Single Channel: Video Projects

An ongoing collection of random video projects.