Hi, I'm Miles –

I work in the space between design and strategy.
Where a room full of servers can become an icon of artificial intelligence,
A disjointed brand can find its focus,
Or a stranger's wish can brighten your day.

Explore my work below or learn more about me here.

Featured Work

Mobil 1: Motorsports
How do you take a brand from sponsorship to partnership?
Global Campaign
The internet wants to wish you a happy birthday!
Personal Project
The Watson Avatar
Creating an identity for artificial intelligence.
Digital Installation
Lowe's Fix in Six
Stop motion mini-masterpieces illustrating simple life hacks.
Vine Campaign
HP: Make it Matter Rebrand
Giving focus to a disjointed brand.
Global Campaign
Drawing Machines
How can machines change the way we draw?
RISD BFA Thesis Project

Archived Work

The Science Behind an Answer
Lou Gehrig Sports Awards Films
IBM: Smarter Planet
The End of the Road